What Do You Ask Colleges?

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Javier:  Always ask what is your favorite thing about this school? This is an important question because it is interesting to have an actual students’ first-hand experience and opinion to guide you as you get a feel for a college or university.

Aminah: I believe you should always ask the tour guide what motivated them to attend that school. It is fun to hear the tour guides answer this question because as I have heard their stories I have been getting excited to create my own memories at each college or university.

Shon’Derious: I would advise any student attending a college tour or information session to ask why college is important to the student tour guides and admissions representatives. I say this because we have found that some students, especially students in 9th or 10th grade who may not understand the meaning behind college. I believe they will benefit from hearing a variety of perspectives.

Kiara: I would tell students to ask about study abroad opportunities. Schools have started standing out to me based on their study abroad programs and I can tell that students who have participated in study abroad have found the experience to be life changing.

Jaila: Always ask about the financial aid because that plays a big part in most people’s college decision. I have learned on this trip that a lot of people qualify for financial aid, but they might not all know or apply.

Brandon: Always make sure to walk away knowing what the requirements are  to get into that school. You will need that information when it comes time to apply.

Andres Montoya