Looking At Oxford

Ashlyn: Today we visited Oxford University which was amazing. It was a 2 hour bus drive to get there but was well worth it. We learned a lot of interesting new facts. For instance, I didn’t know Oxford University had various college inside of the University. Also, I found out that parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed there. I met a man who has worked at Oxford as a porter at the Rhodes House for 20 years. He told us that he has met the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela! The Rhodes scholarship is offered to Americans and it is the highest scholarship you can get at Oxford. Our tour guide, Nicole Carpenter’s husband is now a Rhodes Scholar. He used to be a teacher in Marion, AL.

Ayala: Well today is the last full day we got to spend in London. We got to take a private tour of the famous Oxford University. Oxford is such a beautiful school and the architecture is so old and unique. Today we also got to eat fish and chips. It was really good, except we struggled to finish all the food! My high of the day would have to be when we got to visit the Rhodes House. It was a great experience where we met and spoke to the Porter, Mike, who said that he had met the queen. It was a very great day and I had a great time.

Illiyha: Today we ventured to Oxfordshire, England to visit Oxford University, the oldest university in the world. The university was beautiful and the buildings had so much character. The buildings there have so much detailed thought behind the structure and the sculptures and design. I finally got my first taste of fish and chips. It was really good! I learned about the Rhodes scholarship and how it came about, and found out that it’s available to American students.

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Micah: We went to tour Oxford University in Oxfordshire today. The architecture was amazing and the atmosphere was very laid back. The school seems intellectually stimulating but I don’t think that I would be self-motivated enough to have so much free time yet still complete all of my studies on my own. The fact that they have one-on-one sessions with a “tutor,” which is what they call a professor, instead of a large lecture or traditional class sparked my interest. I recently decided that I would eventually like to study abroad, but I have yet to choose an undergraduate school!

Javier: Today was a great day for me due to the fact that we went to the oldest university in the world. Because of my jet-lag, the 2 hour bus ride from London to Oxford was nice, relaxing, and spacious. The ride back was the same. Before we came back we did some last day knick-knack shopping at Oxford and I finally got something that I think each member of my family will really like. Today was a great last day in the United Kingdon and I can’t wait to go on to our next destination, Paris!

Brandon: Today we took a bus and traveled to Oxford University. Oxford University is huge, but they have many different small colleges within. Our tour guide, Nicole, did a great job of guiding us through Oxford’s campus. I am very grateful to her for taking time out of her day to be with us. The museum was very fascinating with all the different types of animals they have preserved and on display. Then, we went and grabbed a bite to eat where we all had the dish England is most famous for– fish and chips. The highlight of my day was when I met the porter at the Rhodes House who met the queen of England in person.

Andres Montoya