2016 STEM Summer Institute: A Student's Perspective


By Aminah Battle

Since the first day at the 2016 STEM Summer Institute, I have been gaining insight on how to improve my ACT scores. My STEM teachers make it easy to understand material that may seem tricky on the ACT. I have also created bonds with peers from other schools through this program. 

A typical day at STEM begins by playing a game to help us learn more about each other and to wake us up at the early, 8 a.m. start time. The games we played we're a lot of fun and a great way to warm up for the learning ahead of us. After that, we go to our classes: math, English, reading, and science. We also have a college preparedness class and our robotics and aerospace class in the afternoon. Within each class, we were taught useful skills and content to know when taking the ACT. 

My favorite part of STEM Summer Institute has been the trips and the speakers we had the pleasure of meeting almost every day at our lunch-and-learns. We met many unique people with STEM related jobs, like Christina Edwards, a meteorologist from WHNT. Not only did we get a look at what their jobs entail, but we also received ACT and general college advice as well. We've also visited places like Dynetics, Digium, and Redstone Arsenal. 

I've been to Vanderbilt at least three times with the CAP & GOWN Project. But every time I visit the campus something different grabs my attention each time. The campus is very green and lively. We got to see the many and various trees around the campus and step inside of Vandy's college of Education, where one of my teachers will be attending. Although there are many things I like about Vanderbilt, I especially like where the campus is located. It's close to downtown Nashville, and the diverse cultural opportunities offered by this city. I do see myself applying in the near future.

STEM Summer Institute helps me set a goal and strive for even higher and to consider different career paths. I made new friends, and lifelong memories. 

Emily Heller