My First CAP and GOWN Trip

By Kennon Nairn

The 2016 Fall Break College tour was my first CAP and GOWN trip. I felt a bit timid about going on such a big trip as a first-timer. Even though I have plans to go to college I felt nervous going on the tours and asking question to the tour guide. But, along the way, I gained confidence and made new friends. By growing close with the chaperones and teachers I felt I belonged there and got more comfortable with my peers. The chaperones, teachers, and other students made my time there worth it. I got a lot of information from the colleges and got really exposed to the Northeast region of America (especially New York City). On our first night in New York City we walked all the way from Chinatown to Columbia University. Even though I was tired and had blisters on my feet, I felt so inspired just by being in the city. I am a huge film-nerd, so I would feel a boost of excitement whenever I saw a spot that had been featured in a movie I’ve seen. I even got some ideas for movies I am writing.

The college tours really opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are possible for me after high school. The questions I had about college before were answered on the trip and then some. I plan to major in film production and film studies. On the fall break college tour I got to meet Andrew, who went to Temple for film. And, I also got to meet Suzannah, who went to Tisch at NYU to study film. She lived in Huntsville last year and is making a documentary about the JOJ wrestling team. I was most excited to tour NYU because, like Suzannah, I would love to study film at one of the top film programs in the country—NYU!

These tours really inspired me to work even harder in school and to push toward my dreams and make them into a reality. I really love the opportunities that CAP and GOWN provide for students like me who want to strive for greatness, but don’t know how to start or where to look. I am very appreciative to the people who worked hard to make this trip happen and to give us exposure to colleges and present to us the endless opportunities that come with going to college. The Fall Break College Tour will not be my last CAP and GOWN trip. I am already looking forward to the next one!


Emily Heller