2016 Fall Break College Tour: Then and Now

By Debreionna Harris

Returning to the Northeastern part of the United States to tour colleges I visited back in 2014 as a freshman--Georgetown, Temple, UPenn, NYU, Columbia, and Princeton-- and some I have not experienced before has been an exciting journey. The tours have allowed me to regain information and learn information I wasn't aware of. Touring as a freshman paved the way for me to know how and what to look for in a college, but now as a senior with college application deadlines approaching quickly, I have more important questions to ask of tour guides and admissions counselors. This opportunity is much more serious as the weight of my future feels more imminent.

In 2014 we started CAP and GOWN with our northeast college tour. Then, we were a group of of 11 students. Now, we are traveling with 41 students.  I believe this experience exposes students to college life and prepares those who didn't know what college is like. I was granted the opportunity to reconnect with generous and welcoming individuals who have supported CAP and GOWN since the start of the project. I was excited to see to Mr. Mike Rankowitz and his wife, Sheila, and engage in conversation over dinner. I also got to reconnect with Mr. Triston Francis who gave me great advice in his presentation "All Eyes On College" at the beautiful Morgan Stanley building. I am very appreciative to have been capable to attend this great college adventure again with great scholars and caring teachers.

Emily Heller