CAP & GOWN Scholars spent fall break on their grind in Grind City

Today we toured Christian Brothers University and Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. At C.B.U., we learned about the environment on campus and about the different clubs and activities offered by the school. We also learned about the scholarships that we might be eligible for and the different supports available to us if we choose to attend. Overall, I think it seemed like an interesting option.

Next, we went to Rhodes College where we LOVED our tour guide—she really gave us her personal insight on her own experiences at Rhodes and how she felt as a student there. She told us how we will meet many different people when we get to college—regardless of where we wind up going—and her advice made me excited for the long term friendships that a positive college experience will bring.

Overall, this trip taught me that there are many different programs and scholarships available to students, and, that once you get to college there are many people and resources available to support you. I feel motivated to get to college and take the steps I need to be successful once I’m there.

-Tederia, 11th grader at Jemison High School

Today’s visit to Christian Brothers University and Rhodes College was surprising—in a good way!

At C.B.U. I found it super cool that they offer so many academic scholarships. For example, if you’re granted the Leader Scholarship from C.B.U. you can get up to $5,000 a year and attend leadership events. Besides that one example, C.B.U. offers many additional ways to knock money off of their tuition “sticker price.” I was very impressed by their financial aid focus. I also liked the description of Greek life at C.B.U. My favorite fact about C.B.U. is that there is a 100% guarantee that you will have a job in the engineering field if you graduate from their engineering program. I thought that was an impressive statistic!

At Rhodes College, I loved how their campus was set up. They have many study areas and we saw so many students studying all around campus. The school has a small student to teacher ratio, and our tour guide told us that 95% of students at Rhodes stick through for 4 years and graduate.

This day of CAP & GOWN tours was extremely informational and I had a great time. Today’s trip opened my eyes to the engineering programs available to students.

-Amanda, 11th grader at Jemison High School

Emily Heller