Why STEM Summer Institute? In their own words...

Throughout our first week of the 2017 STEM Summer Institute one question has emerged: why? Our incoming Executive Director, Devyn Keith spoke to our scholars about formulating their why on the first day of institute. Principals, guidance counselors, and even a reporter from WHNT have come in, seen our 46 scholars hard at work from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the first week of summer and asked the same question: “Why?”

Here, in their own words, are some of our scholars’ answers to the question of, “Why STEM Summer Institute?”

My motivation to join the STEM Summer Institute is to get a scholarship to the University of South Alabama. I want to finish college to set an example for my future children and I want to make at least a 25 on the ACT to be eligible to get a scholarship.                                                   -Equajisha, Jemison High School

Last year I heard about the STEM Summer Institute from one of my friends, and then I was convinced to apply this year. At first, I was skeptical about coming to study for the ACT over the summer. However, I realized my future college plans are depending on my ACT score. So, I motivate myself every day I come to STEM so I can grow and improve. I honestly can say I enjoy myself every day I come here. I would like to attend Howard University with a full scholarship. My ACT score will definitely affect my college decision, because I know that the average ACT score at Howard is a 32.

-Olivia, Jemison High School



I come to STEM Summer Institute because I care. I care about where I will end up. I care about my ACT score and my future. It is summer and I am here because even though I have other, more relaxing things I could be doing, I know that today’s hard work will give forth tomorrow’s harvest. I believe I can do it!

-Princess, Huntsville High School

I am attending this program because I want to work on my ACT skills. Most importantly, I need help with the English portion of the ACT. I want to get an amazing score and have a chance at making it to the college of my choice. I want to become a person that people do not expect me to be.

-Ke’Andre, Jemison High School

I decided to come here and put my best effort into all of my work because I know this experience will help me. For example, the program is exposing me to people I wouldn’t otherwise know, I get extra practice on the core subjects, I get tips and guidance for the ACT, and information about and preparation for college. Getting a high score on the ACT is important to me. I want colleges to see my academic achievements and not my situation.

-Vanesa, Lee High School

I want to be here because it’s a good experience. It’s a chance to learn something new. I want to improve my ACT score because I want to be able to get into the college of my choice. I also want to prove to myself that I can do it.

-Mamading, Lee High School